How to recycle?

HAVU products are 100% biodegradable, which we find awesome, but it’s important to recycle them right. It’s an easy and small thing to do, and nature will thank you! Here are our instructions for recycling HAVU lipsticks. 

What are HAVU containers made of? 

The black inner container of lipstick is made from biodegradable PLA, and the exterior is made from wood. This enables you to recycle the whole package, as you can sort it into biowaste. PLA, i.e. polylactide, is an industrially biodegradable, biobased polymer. The darker side of HAVU’s wooden container is of alder and the lighter of aspen.

HAVU's lip care product containers are made from Sulapac Premium, which is a biodegradable packaging material made from wood and plant-based binders. It is biodegradable in industrial composts and does not leave any microplastic behind.⁠

How to recycle your HAVU’s container? 

You can sort HAVU containers into biowaste after use. The paper sticker at the bottom of the product can be placed into paper waste. The white cardboard package and the mailing board are recycled as cardboard waste. Please do not leave HAVU products in nature, we do not support littering! The package does not decompose in nature, as the inner container of the lipstick (PLA) is industrially biodegradable. The right place for the container is the housing association’s biowaste container.

If there’s no separate container for biowaste available, the product can be disposed of in the residual waste bin. For more information on regional specifications, consult local authorities or waste management authorities.