Story of HAVU Cosmetics

Story of Havu Cosmetics

We create more beauty with zero waste. 

In Finnish, the word HAVU stands for a sprig or a needle of an evergreen tree. HAVU was born from the idea of pure cosmetics, drawing insight from nature: the simplicity of our product is inspired by Finland’s cool waters, silent woods, untouched blankets of snow, a clear morning’s sky. The brand was established with a purpose of making quality cosmetics that would, throughout the whole manufacturing process until the end of the consumption, be one with nature without harming it.  

We want to inspire cosmetic brands to invest in ingredients that are good for nature and the skin. At the same time, we hope to spark a discussion about the safety and production of cosmetics. We believe that natural cosmetics are the future.  


HAVU values

HAVU Simplicity


At HAVU, we find beauty in simplicity. We use quality ingredients to create minimalistic products – products that are uncomplicated in ingredients, design and use.




HAVU Ethicalness


HAVU operates with environmental and social responsibility: we want to be transparent and ethical in all our actions. We aim to create cosmetics that bring joy without harming anyone. We don’t use animal testing and our products are 100% biodegradable.




HAVU Curiosity


HAVU has an open-minded work ethic. We want to create innovative products focused on design and quality. We aim to inspire as well as be inspired.



About the products

HAVU aims to create quality products with pure, simple ingredients. We take pride in our environmentally friendly products that are produced without bringing harm to nature. We believe in transparency in the production process: we want you to know what you’re putting on your lips and skin.

Our products are bio-based and contain only natural waxes and oils and no additional perfumes or preservatives.

The lipstick itself is manufactured in Finland, in our laboratory in Espoo. The main ingredients in our lipsticks are Cosmos Approved natural oils, and the shea butter oil we use is Soil Association certified. The colouring agents in our products are commonly used in natural cosmetics (iron oxides, titanium oxide and ultramarines), and they’re ordered from producers who don’t use child labour.

The wooden lipstick container is made from common alder and aspen that comes from either Finland or Estonia depending on the season. The container is manufactured in Finland. The lipstick mechanism and the lip care set containers are made from biodegradable PLA (polylactide). Our PLA comes from the US and is manufactured in Italy. The lipstick container can be disposed of as biowaste after use.

Proud to be rewarded

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards Best Lipstick & Best Package Design


Behind the brand

Lumi Maunuvaara, Tatu Fontell

The person behind the concept of HAVU is the CEO Lumi Maunuvaara. Studying for her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in the Aalto University, she came up with the idea for the brand on a university summer course. The course assignment prompted the 19-year-old Lumi to combine her interest in chemistry, cosmetics and design; the result was a natural cosmetics lipstick with a simple wooden container. The decision to make the lipstick from natural ingredients stemmed from Lumi’s discontent with the superficiality of the beauty industry – she wanted to create something that was simultaneously luxurious and sustainable.

The lipstick was displayed at the Habitare Design Fair and immediately caught attention. When Lumi’s then-classmate, HAVU co-founder Tatu Fontell, presented Lumi with the idea of taking the lipstick to the market and encouraged her to pursue her interest in natural cosmetics, HAVU was founded. Together Lumi and Tatu developed a pilot batch of lipsticks that sold out within 24 hours of the launch.

Today, HAVU is a six-person team that operates from Espoo, Finland. We work with passion and enthusiasm to bring you products that we stand behind. We hope our dedication transmits to you through the product!